Fem Art members

Calling for Volunteers

FemArt has a mission to elevate women’s visual voices. The key to our success is having a tribe of volunteers who share our goals in cultivating a better society. If you are interested in art volunteer opportunities for women and people who wish to support women, then please join our tribe of volunteers. Contact us below to learn more about your part in making a difference!

We rely on our tribe

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FemArt relies on our tribe of passionate volunteers to carry out our mission. We have many different volunteer opportunities for women (and for all those who may identify differently!) to contribute to this mission. Volunteering comes in many shapes and forms. These can include assisting with events, improving our social media, and more. This website was also created by a volunteer! We value your unique skillset and encourage you to reach out to discover how you can contribute.

Volunteer with FemArt

If you are interested in art volunteer opportunities for women and all who wish to support women, then consider volunteering with FemArt. This is one of various ways to contribute to the empowerment of women in your community. Feel free to include any special skills or interests, or specific areas in which you’d like to volunteer. You may also simply express your interest and we can find a place for you within our incredible tribe of strong, kind, and passionate women! Everyone has a place here – welcome home.