We are a nonprofit committed to cultivating a better society with the feminine voice through visual art.

By Debbie Pounders - for the women artists of Fem Art Gallery

Our Mission

Empowering women artists

We seek to have better representation of our whole society and culture. We strive to elevate and support these vital voices through art exhibition opportunities, education and community outreach.

Thank you for visiting our site and for doing your part to help cultivate a more inclusive society by uplifting women artists.

Kim Hurt


FemArt Gallery is proud to be home to a variety of diverse artist members. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on our members’ support and contributions. All are welcome to join our inclusive tribe!

Get Involved

We welcome all who want to make a positive impact on our culture and community. There are countless ways to contribute to our mission of elevating the voices of women artists, and we encourage and accept all meaningful contributions, including time, skill, and more.

Invest in your community

Are you interested in getting involved, and helping FemArt make a positive difference in our society? If so, then please consider volunteering for the Outreach Committee, donating art supplies, fundraising, joining our Board of Directors or committees, or being a speaker/representative for Women of Color.

We welcome all who want to make a positive impact on our culture and community, and appreciate any and all contributions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, are interested in discussing our vision and mission, or would like to chat, please reach out. Connect with us to amplify the voices of women artists and support our mission of empowerment through art. Your voice is important, valued, and makes a difference.

To learn more about volunteering, donating, or contributing to our cause, please visit our contribution page. To view our schedule of events, visit our events calendar.