About Us

Who Are We?

FemArt Gallery is a women’s art nonprofit organization and dynamic space dedicated to championing the creativity and narratives of female artists from diverse backgrounds. Founded on the belief that art is a powerful catalyst for social change, we curate exhibitions and events that showcase the unique perspectives and talents of women in the art world.

As a passionate advocate for equality in the arts, FemArt Gallery strives to create a supportive platform that uplifts, celebrates, and empowers female artists, fostering a community where their voices can resonate and inspire. As a women’s art nonprofit, we focus on elevating women’s visual voices, and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of one’s individual identity. Join us in redefining artistic landscapes and fostering a more inclusive future through the transformative power of women’s art.

To learn about the people who bring FemArt Gallery to life, visit our members page or take a look at our board of directors.

Our Story

Our Roots as a Women’s Art Nonprofit Organization

Kimberly Miller is the Founder of FemArt Gallery, Inc, a passionate and dedicated art nonprofit in Jacksonville, FL. Kim is currently the President of the Advisory Committee.

In 2017, Kim was approaching her graduation with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Florida. At this time, she read an article written by Guerilla Girls, an anonymous group of feminist female artists devoted to fighting sexism and racism in the art world.

After reading this article, and closely examining the world around her, Kim realized that there is a bias towards women in Fine Arts. As a result, she invited 20 colleagues to join her in an effort to correct and repair the social bias towards women artists. Three women answered her call. Two of them, Karen Alber and Stephanie Andrews, joined her in creating a nonprofit organization. This organization would support women artists through exhibition opportunities and educational programs. It would also bring awareness of the myriad cultural contributions by women artists through community outreach.

The Journey…

Since March 2017, FemArt has grown very strong. The first exhibition consisted of 17 women artists who became the first members of FemArt. Since that early beginning, FemArt has provided over 100 exhibitions with over 200 artists exhibiting and has grown our membership to over 100 members. This includes the online exhibitions during the pandemic, and the very supportive offer of a home gallery space offered by The Nest Coworking. Having our very first permanent gallery home here has provided a continuous monthly exhibit, thanks to our FemArt Board Exhibit Chair, Kim Hurt. Whether it is sponsors, donors, volunteers, board members, or our artists – we have had great opportunities provided to FemArt for continual growth.

Visions for the Future

Continuously working to empower women artists

FemArt continues to find innovative ways to help women develop their art skills and be recognized and valued in our society. One of Kim’s visions is to have a gallery with studio spaces where childcare services can be offered. This would help mothers who want to pursue their art careers, but understand the importance of care for their children. A woman should not have to choose between her career and her role as a parent, any more than a man should. Additionally, Kim also wants to provide art therapy in-house for those women who have been traumatized by sexual assault, or have mental health concerns that may keep them from being their most creative selves.