Artist Members of FemArt Gallery

Our artists reflect our society’s vision, values and culture. We are so proud to elevate these vital voices by bringing their artwork to the attention of our public. Please enjoy the myriad of talented artists listed below. We encourage everyone to follow your favorite artists and be sure to see their work in person at our art exhibitions. Thank you for your support.

Interested in becoming a member?

Sandra Archer
Danisha Edwards
Stacy Streeter
Penny Edwards
Patricia Britto
Nofa Dixon
Michele D Lee
Marlene Scheer
Lindsay Merwin
Kimberly Thomas
Julie Howard
Judith Fox-Goldstein
Deborah Lightfield
Becky DeSantis
Adrienne Tolbert
Dima Kroma
Leslie Kruzicki
Niche “Art” See
Lucija Bacon
Heather Bishop
Michelle Cruz
Megan Ferrecane
Brittany Foster
Nykia Jackson
Elizabeth Leitzke
Blerina Llalla
May Lu
Erin Meyers
Suzanne Myatt-Ulmer
Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt
Priyadarshini Priyanka
Bianca Rae
Nicole “Nikki” Rakov
Melanie Roberge
Jane Rodriguez
Christie Rogers
Carol Rollick
Amy Seidle
Maureen Simon
Zora Slayden
Sophia Thomas
Cymohr Tolliver
Ruth Van Alstine
Jacquelie Warshaw
Alexis Williams